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Trump Fulfills Contractual Obligation to McDonald’s with Clemson Dinner

Washington DC – President Trump, ever the stable genius, killed two birds with one stone on Monday by hosting the …

Sports (Important Ones)

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Sunday Ticket ‘Speakeasies’ Cater to Fans Who Swore They Were Boycotting the NFL on Facebook

Duncanville, TX- Every Sunday, Carl Jankowski drives to a suburban neighborhood, parks his car, walks three blocks, and knocks on …

Adult T-Ball Leagues Take America By Storm

Shocking True Confessions of Fictional Characters

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Ever Want To See Your Name In (Digital) Lights…

Yeah, neither did we but we started this website anyway…

The staff at the Yew Norker are always looking for talented (OK we will settle for interested) Cartoonist, Field Correspondents, Editors, Butter Churners (we like fresh butter, OK), or Wicca Priests/Priestesses to help make The Yew Norker what it is (whatever that may be).  If you have been all over town and been rejected by the one site, after another, after another; no worries, we are not the best, so you may find a home here.

Feeling underwhelmed but interested (even if you are not necessarily talented, god knows we aren’t), then send us a message for information.